Santos Cargo LLC.

One of our strengths at Santos cargo llc  Consultants is the ability to coordinate specific strengths into a whole, providing clients with solutions that considers the multiple federal regulatory status. Santos cargo llc  backgrounds and experiences, Santos cargo llc  is capable of viewing problems in the context of CBP, FDA, FTC and international trade, while also considering , USDA, and/ or other governmental agency requirements. We are able to walk through with our clients a create a successful commercial transactions while avoiding situations that often arise when other companies are suddenly confronted with the often complex requirements of the governing agencies.

Our service is completed through an approach that views each situation from multiple views to achieve cost effectiveness and results.

Santos Cargo llc  provides consultation to a variety of companies in the international trade community, including importers, exporters, customs brokers, sureties, insurance companies, freight forwarders, and transportation companies.

The differences of our client base provides us to analyze and develop solutions for problems and issues that are causing our clients difficulties. We assist our clients in creating and putting in place a compliance systems that reduces problems and enable them to recognize potential problem areas at the earliest possible time so that a solution is created effectively. We also direct our clients take the opportunities for minimizing and avoiding extra duties and taxes by mistake that other do not find, or just simply finding a better solution of doing things.